Monday, October 19, 2015

Race Training with an Infant

When I was pregnant with the Bear one thing I looked forward was running again and racing.  I'm love running, but I particularly love training for a race.  The structure, the consistency, that's my jam.  Correction.  That was my jam.

Captain Obvious statement of the week: Having a baby changes everything.
I am running the Space Coast Half Marathon on November 30.  It's a great race and I'm so excited to run.  And I am not at all trained for the race.  I hate admitting that, but it's true.

Here's my new race plan:
Run as far as I can whenever I can.

I am going to finish that race.  I'm going to celebrate the heck out of my first race as a "Mother Runner".  It's not going to be my fastest race, but I'll be out there.  And I'm stoked about that! God bless the Galloway method, because it's the only thing making me feel like this is possible.  I know if I stick to my run-walk-run strategy then I can up my mileage the best I can and finish the race safely and healthy.  Jeff G - you're the man!

For those wondering how my race training got so off, it wasn't just the baby.  For those pregnant ladies or future mommies reading here's a tip - you feet will change after pregnancy.  Mine got wider and in my case that led to 2 infected toenails.  Yup, that's gross.  I finished a 6 mile training run and got home to find my toe kinda hurt.  No biggie.  Then about 3 hours later I noticed my toe was red and the redness was spreading.  I sent a pic to my Mom to get her thoughts and they were "see a doctor!".  Apparently infections can happen fast and spread fast.  2 rounds of antibiotics, 2 toenails removed, 3 weeks later, and 1 MRSA test (that was negative) and I was cleared to run again.  I have new shoes (size 9!) and I run only in Injingi toe socks.
Bear and I have been doing some stroller running together.  It's fun and she usually falls fast asleep.  It's not quite as hard as I thought it would be.  It's hard, but if I pump one arm then I can keep moving at a somewhat decent pace.  In a few months she'll move out of her car seat and fully into the Bob.  The hard part is it's just now not 90 degrees here in Orlando, so I can't stay out too long.  Hot baby = grumpy baby.

Bear and I also did our first 5k this weekend.  It was the Run For Aven which helps support beautiful Aven who is healing from a very aggressive form of soft tissue cancer.
The race went through a local park, Moss Park, and at first I was afraid of some offroad terrain but the Bob stroller did great.  So did Bear.  She was awake the whole time chewing on a toy :)
Mom and I did 2 minute 30 second intervals with 30 seconds of walking and finished in 33:24.  Actually Mom finished in she got those 2 seconds on me I don't know...hmmmmm.... Here's the funny part - both Mom and I WON our age groups!  Pushing a baby and we won our age groups!  Gotta love small races!
I'm looking forward to running more races on my own and with the Bear....even if my training lags as a result!

What races are you training for?
How do you train when life gets busy?

Love and 3 wheeling,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. I have the same motto... Run when you can and how far your little one will allow!! πŸ˜‰ some weeks I get 2 runs in, some 4... I was running errands one day last week and Noah fell asleep just as I was passing a park, so I parked, put him in the stroller and ran... I just ran my first 10 mile race post baby.. Training for Disney full in January.. Getting a little nervous about training that distance now that we are heading into winter. It is definitely more fun training with a little one but you do have to have different expectations. Noah will also be running his first kids race in January!! 😍


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