Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to Eat Smart While Watching Football

It's no secret that the Bealert Home is a football home.  Sunday, Saturday, Thursday, Monday...sometimes's football time!  If you have wondered where our weekend recaps have gone recently I have saved you the exciting recap that states, "We sat at home and watched football."  Sometimes we ate food, but we mainly just watched football. And we loved it.
However when you are eating food while watching football, mindless calories can add up.  Munching while distracted is a big contributor to excess calories and over the 16-weeks of a football season that can add up.  2 beers + 1 serving of tortilla chips = roughly 380.  Over 16 weeks that's 6800 calories and about 1.7 pounds gained.

Recently I appeared on Emotional Mojo and shared some of the tailgating tips and traps to avoid.
Wonderful Pistachios are a great snack food, because 1 serving is 49 nuts and because you have to crack the shells it takes you longer to eat.  Win, win.

I also shared a blog favorite recipe for our super easy crock pot buffalo chicken.  These sandwiches were a hit at the studio and will be at your next tailgate too.

Who's your football team?
What's your favorite tailgating snack?

Love and first downs,
Carissa & Kyle

Sunday, October 12, 2014

RunDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler 2014

The first week of October, we stepped back into the Twilight Zone for the RunDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler.  Thousands of runners (10,000+) embarked on a 10-mile journey through the dark woods of Central Florida to finish with a Villains Bash in Hollywood Studios that went into the wee hours of the morning.
The RunDisney TOT event weekend started Friday afternoon with the expo.  There were a lot of great vendors, however this expo was far less crowded than those for other race weekends.
The race weekend continued Saturday morning with the Haunted Trail Run 5k.  Last year I was able to snag a bib and run the race, however this year the kids races started earlier, so unfortunately there was no time for me to run and change into my pirate gear before the kids races.
Despite it being a "smaller" weekend the kids races were packed and it seemed to me that the 200m run was the biggest draw.  Must be a lot of 4-6 year old kids around!
DJ Steve and I had a great time as always with the kids races and we hope the families enjoyed them too.
After we wrapped the kids races (and changed clothes) I headed back to the expo for announcing duties there until 330pm when it officially closed.  It's funny how fast 2 days of an expo flies by compared to 4 days for WDW Marathon weekend.
My Mom was running the race, so after the expo she met me at the hotel with some delicious homemade pasta and veggies.  Perfect fuel for the night ahead.  I grabbed a 40 minute cat nap and met our van at 630pm to head out to the start.

The job of a RunDisney announcer is pretty fun all the time.  I personally love the energy of the start line and then seeing the excited runners come across the finish line, but the costumes are starting to be a highlight as well.  For the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, we were dressed in our best 1930's attire as regular guests of the Tower Hotel.  This was the first race where I had my own cosmetology person to help me get ready. John as you can teller is overjoyed with his costume.
Talk about the Twilight Zone!
Rudy and I headed out to the turnstiles at Hollywood Studios to send off the runners amid smoke, lasers, and fire for their 10 mile journey.  If you've run the TOT before then you know it can be hot.  Hot, sticky, humid...all of the above!  However this year a cold front came through in the morning and the weather was much better for the runners.
After we sent off corrals A - J, we headed over to the finish to wait for the runners.  There were a lot of amazing costumes and I particularly liked the "Skeleton Crew", which was a group of about 40+ all dressed and painted like skeletons.  Mom dressed up too and ran as Wonder Woman!
We celebrated our final finished about 145am and then after a quick costume change it was time for bed.
By now I'm sure most of you have realized that Tower of Terror is not on the RunDisney schedule for 2015.  I'm know some people are bummed as it's a really fun, well themed run, and a great long tempo run to get in before marathon season.  However Expedition Everest will be returning in May of 2015, so I'm happy about that.
What's your favorite RunDisney race?
What's your favorite Disney villain? 

Love and spooks,
Carissa & Kyle

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hero Highlight - Track Shack Foundation

Who is your hero?

Is there a hero you look up to in your local community?

Maybe you are that hero.

Recently, Jon and Betsy Hughes, were highlighted on Emotional Mojo as part of their Hero Highlight and since I think Jon and Betsy are 2 of the kindest, most generous, inspiring humans on the planet I had to share.  For those of you who don't know, Jon and Betsy own the running store Track Shack here in Orlando, they started the Track Shack Foundation, which has given over 2 million dollars to local youth athletics, they run the Track Shack running series, and Jon is the race director for the Disney Marathon and east coast RunDisney events.

And an FYI you can watch Emotional Mojo weekday mornings on WE.

I also want to give a shout out to Michelle and Mike from the Mickey Miles Podcast.  They were kind enough to have myself and my RunDisney co-announcer Rudy back on the show to discuss the upcoming Tower of Terror 10 miler.  Thanks guys! Check out their webpage and listen to Episode 211.
I hope you all are having a fantastic HUMP day!

Who's your hero?

Love and team Track Shack,
Carissa & Kyle