Friday, August 1, 2014

Sitting is Worse Than Smoking

Friday is a glorious day.  It's full of happy hours and excitement for the weekend ahead.  If you're a Fit2Flex reader then it's also filled with the highly anticipated Friday 5.  What will that crazy couple talk about this week?  No more waiting.  Uncork that chardonnay and let's chat.

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1. v8
I'm not a big juicer.  When I travel I will sometimes add in some green juices as a way to totally rock the placebo effect and feel healthier.  But I'm not a huge proponent of an all juice detox.  It's just not my thing.  My liver is a great detoxed and a diet full of whole foods and fiber works for me.  I did, however this week realize that way before juicing was a fad there was v8.  I like v8.  I probably drink it 2-3 times per week.  I pick the low sodium variety and use it as a light snack between breakfast and lunch.

Old school juicing. No not like that.
2. Burpees
Most of you probably are not HUGE fans of burpees.  Who is really?  Well Kyle and I are definitely NOT team burpees.  In fact we labeled them on of the least effective exercises in a recent online article interview.
3. Talking Probiotics
I am a fan of probiotics, because they help keep your gut happy.  A happy gut is a crucial part of being a happy human.  If you regularly take probiotics or are thinking about it I recommend this article about "5 Probiotic Myths". Probiotics...more than just Activia! :)

4. Sitting is as Bad as Smoking
The news has been coming out for a while now that sitting is bad for you.  I've heard that it's as bad as smoking, but I highly encourage you to read this article.  New research is showing that yes, sitting is bad, BUT even exercising can't undo the damage that sitting does.  Wow!
What can you do?  Take regular walk breaks for one. I also will often stand as I work using my countertop or you can invest in a standing desk or a FitDesk like my biking one.  Whatever you do get off that booty!

5. Foods That Make You Hungrier
Do you ever eat and then you're STILL hungry?  That tends to be a side effect of killer workouts with Kyle, but there are certain foods that can make you hungrier and ahem #1 of today's Friday 5 is on there!  Read about these 11 foods here.
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What food always makes you hungrier?
Moms, did you take baby bump pics?

Love and juiced up,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. I don't have a standing desk (though I'm a little intrigued by the idea)... but it's not my desk that's the problem. I get up to stretch my legs, get a coffee, go to the bathroom and tons of other things that break up my sitting intervals, but what no-one is talking about is what leads people to sit the longest... MEETINGS!

    I had 9.5 hours of meetings this week (including one 4 hour one) and most people in more leadership positions (e.g. managers) have more than I do. When the evils of sitting are more widely known, I hope that means that standing up in a meeting won't draw funny looks and people start trying not to book meetings that are too long.


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