Monday, August 18, 2014

Race Season is Here!

Happy Monday friends!  Was your weekend marvelous?  Or maybe you're having a marvelous Monday?  Either way I hope there's a lot of positive vibes headed your way today.
Kyle and I had a low key weekend at home.  Our summer was full of beach travel and this is the slow time before a busy fall and football season starts.  This weekend did signal the start of one exciting event - RACING SEASON!  But I'll get back to that...

Kyle and I had planned to make pizza at home at watch Netflix on Friday, but since I worked at home on Thursday and Friday I was a little antsy to leave the house, so we decided to go out for dinner.  We went to Al Fresco in Downtown Winter Garden.  It's a small, local restaurant that grows a lot of their own herbs and produce in a roof top garden.  We started off with a cheers to the weekend.
Kyle and I were both hungry when we sat down so we ordered the Mediterranean sampler, which had pita, hummus, spicy feta dip, tzatki, and olives.  I think I was full before my meal arrived!
But I still ordered dinner and went for the Farmer's salad topped with salmon.  It was a generous portion of spinach with nuts, cheese, and salmon.  It also had watermelon, which I have never had on a salad, but it was okay.  A perfect summer dinner!
Saturday morning I was up early for our first Track Shack race of the season the Celebration of Running 5k.  It  was great to see so many of you out there and a record setting number of 2,550 runners!  It was hot, but honestly not as hot as previous years I thought.  The winner of the race was Fredison Costa, the current Disney marathon champion, and he ran in 15:01, which is a 4:50 per mile pace.  Awesome!
Yes, I look mildly crazy here!  But Betsy looks great!
After the race I made a quick stop at the gym for 20 minutes of intervals before heading to my Mom's house for some pool time and lunch.  We had Asian inspired turkey lettuce wraps and about 45 minutes of sun before the thunderstorms rolled in.
Sunday Kyle and I enjoyed a relaxing morning before heading out for some errands and a workout.  Kyle's truck needed an oil change and I needed to pick up some decorations for our Evolution Fitness Anniversary party this week.  Since this was my 3rd weight session of the week I kept it light with some boxing and plyometrics.  After the workout we obviously needed fuel, so it was onto a mid-afternoon Panera stop where I had my usual of a flatbread and black bean soup.  I usually order the Mediterranean flatbread, but opted for the Thai this time when I realized it was 70 calories less.  It was good, but the mediterranean is better.
Then we decided that an afternoon treat was in order and we stopped by Jeremiah's Italian Ice.  I reasoned that if I got all ice and no soft-serve mixed in then it was actually less calories.  Which is technically true, but it's still a lot of sugar!  Everything in moderation though!
Coming up is a pretty calm week around here with our anniversary party Friday and my cousin Taina's baby shower on Sunday.  Then in just 9 days I'll be on my way to California for the DisneyLand Half Marathon!  Can't wait!

What'd you do this weekend?
What's your fave fast casual place?
Did you race this weekend?

Love and icees,
Carissa & Kyle

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  1. No races for me but my longest ever run, which was pretty exciting.


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