Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday 5 Time

I think we all agree that Friday's are fabulous? Am I right?  What's better than Friday?

Spending a glorious 5 minutes ignoring work and reading 5 random things that we're thinking about this week.  Fo sho!
Housewife Glamour
I've heard some of you saying how cool it is up north and let me just tell you that it is still HOT, HOT, HOT here in Orlando!  We're talking 97 is the actual temperature.  I think my air conditioner is marathon training with how much it's been running....but enough about my appliances...onto the Friday 5.

1. Christmas
Yup, starting with Christmas.  I had to laugh this week because 4 different people brought this pic to my attention....but it's actually 18 Fridays Buddy.
My LOVE of Christmas is well known and Sam's Club was ready to heighten it this week.  Boom.  O Christmas Tree.
2. Netflix
Kyle and I just got Netflix about a month ago.  Brilliantly we got it to watch Game of Thrones only to realize it wasn't on there.  So we started watching Orange is the New Black and we have about 3 episodes left.  I also watched season 1 of House of Cards, but I'm bored with it now once Kevin Spacey's rower broke.  So here's my deal...I don't know if I love Netflix.  I can never find something I want to watch.  Am I missing something?  That leads me to point #3...
3. The Good Wife
The Good Wife...on Amazon Prime.  I love this show and I love Amazon Prime.  Way better show selection that Netflix.  Again am I missing something?  For some reason though I am very sucked into this show and love the main lawyer Will Gardner.  I've been a big fan of him since the 1990's and this film...anyone remember it?
Well there he is.  Josh Charles AKA Will Gardner. AKA the guy who drove the hot dog car thingamajig and took Christina Applegate to see turtles hatch.  Now I need to watch this movie ASAP - I wonder if it's on Netflix?
4. Roasted Vegetables
I've been taking advantage of working at home this week and doing a lot of food prep at lunch.  I'll roast typically one vegetable or sweet potato a day and enjoy fast leftovers throughout the week.  I love how roasting brings out a sweet flavor in vegetables and when I use my toaster oven they're ready in about 20 minutes.  Yesterday's lunch featured sweet potatoes and broccoli.
5. Evolution Fitness Turns 2
As most of you know Kyle and I own a personal training studio here in Orlando called Evolution Fitness Orlando.  Kyle works more hours than I care to count each week training clients and helping them become fitter, healthier, and happier.  Earlier this summer was our 2 year anniversary of being small business owners and tonight we're celebrating by hosting a happy hour for our clients.  Work hard, play hard right?
ps - these new gym shirts are for sale! $15 email me!
Also on our agenda for the weekend is a 30th birthday party in Tampa and a baby shower!  Seems there's lots to celebrate around here!

If you want to kill more time at work then check out Heather's great round up of Friday faves.

What are you up to this weekend?
Netflix or Amazon Prime?
Favorite 90's movie?

Love and big hair,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. The Christmas count nearly gave me a cardiac event. It's hard to reconcile that with the oppressive heat (I live in Gainesville and am waiting for November like nobody's biz)!

  2. Like we needed another excuse to watch even MORE blasted TV in our house, the hubs goes and signs us up for Netflix. Is a Netflix addiction something that's treatable? Hang in there with Cards. I was ready to call it after the first 6 episodes, but it get's crazy better. CRAZY! Like your mouth just hit the floor better.

    Are the shirts cotton or tech?

    1. Hey Kimberley! I did make it to the end of season one and then that CRAZY thing happens and I'm kinda mad at Kevin Spacey! I'm sure I will turn back to it once my Good Wife obsession dies down. The shirts are drift.

    2. Drift?
      And mad? What about his wife?!? She takes b@#ch to a whole new level! :)

  3. I feel ya Paula - I just ran outside and am still recovering!

  4. we have netflix, amazon prime, and hulu! (we have no cable at all). i find the most stuff i like on hulu, followed by netflix, followed by amazon prime.

  5. Hi Carissa, it's so great to see you on the link up! Thanks so much for sharing the love! Also, I love the new look of your site! I follow you on Bloglovin' so haven't been on it from a computer in quite a while. So cute! CONGRATS on 2 years of Evolution Fitness, that's so exciting! Have a great weekend celebrating :)

  6. Whhatt? Sams club has a Christmas tree out already? I thought the pumpkins were pushing it! haha

    1. Yup, pumpkins AND christmas trees. What what?

  7. It's been pretty hot in Oregon too, so Christmas sounds pretty nice right about now. I'm trying not to rush it, though, because I know that once the sunshine goes away it'll be straight rain for the next 9 months. Congrats on 2 years of your business!! That's awesome!

  8. We just got netflix too! And we just started Orange is the New Black season 2 and I'm watching House of Cards, just started the second season... we are netflix TWINS!

    1. haha We ARE! You will have to tell me what you watch after that so I can keep up!

  9. We have netflix and amazon prime. I honestly haven't really found ALL that much on netflix that I love besides a few movies? I haven't explored prime extensively, but its OK. I try to not get sucked into all these shows!! Congrats on 2 years with Evo! awesome!!

    1. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one not sold on NetFlix. I like Amazon Prime for entertainment when I travel and am bored in hotels. 1 TV show is less commitment then an entire movie.

  10. We have had Netflix for a few years now. I like it most of the time. I've been considering switching it to Amazon Prime for the simple reason of the 2-day free shipping on purchases.


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