Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Third Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is like Christmas when Santa isn't sure if you were naughty or nice.  Sometimes Santa rocks your socks and then sometimes Santa leaves you scratching your head wondering what you did wrong.  Don't get me wrong, either way you still want Christmas Stich Fix to come, but it's not always full of your favorite things.

Today I'm sharing my 3rd Stitch Fix...also known as the time where I sent everything back.
Here's the short version of how the online, personal styling service Stitch Fix works:
  • Sign Up and Complete a Style Profile
    • It takes about 10 minutes and you'll tell them your sizes, shape, style profile, and what type of clothes you typically like.  It's really easy, yet comprehensive.
  • Schedule Your First Fix
    • Pick a date to receive your first shipment, which will include 5 items.  It costs $20 to get a fix (it's called a styling fee).  If you keep anything from that shipment, the $20 will be taken off the cost of that item.
    • You don't have to sign up for monthly fixes.  That's an option, but you can sign up for just one too.
  • Try On Your Clothes
    • Try on your clothes and see what you like. You also get a color guide to help styling your outfits.
  • Keep What You Like, Return What You Don't
    • Keep that clothes you like and return the ones you don't.  They give you a prepaid label and bag for shipping.  It's USPS, so I put it right in my mailbox.  You have 3 days to get the clothes you don't want in the mail and then you pay for the ones you keep (minus the $20).  If you keep all 5 items you save 25%.
This shipment I was excited, because I requested a lightweight blazer.  I left mine in a restaurant months ago and have been missing it.  So has Stitch Fix.  They kindly explained that they didn't have any blazers, but sent this jacket.  It's not a bad jacket, but was too short in the arms and length for me.
What stripes and pink don't go together?
 Next was a duo of maxi skirts.  I really like maxi skirts, but neither of these I felt were worth the $58 price tag.  The gray one had unattractive slits on the sides and I felt the hot pink was a little young for me.
I received a cut blue blouse that got some serious consideration.  In the end I found it too short for me and I wasn't sure how much the fabric would wrinkle when I washed it.  Not a ironing fan here.
This final burgundy shirt I really liked.  Until I lifted my arms.  As my friend put it, "It looks like you have bat wings."  Even though I liked everything else about the shirt that was enough to send it packing.
So I sent everything back.  Am I upset?  No.  It was $20 and nothing was worth more funds.  I have one more Fix scheduled and then I'll decide if it's worth continuing. I feel like they are not putting as much effort into my last fix as my first.  My first fix was more successful and you can read about it here.

If you'd like to get your Fix on, feel free to use my affiliate link.  Full disclosure: I was not paid or asked by Stitch Fix to write this post, but if you sign up with my link I get $25 credit.  And then I will be very happy and thankful to you for fueling my Fix addiction! :)

Have you tried Stitch Fix?
What are your thoughts about it now?
Would you have kept anything from this fix?

Love and gimme a dang blazer,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. Ironically, I'm sending my entire fix back today too :( Way off the mark. (btw: I think I actually did get that pink maxi in my last fix and kept it... and I'm waayyy older than you :)

    1. haha - Uh oh! Have you worn it yet? The pink and my butt were not getting along!

  2. Did you see my post on quitting Stitch Fix and shopping at the Orlando Style Encore instead? I'm a CHANGED PERSON.

    1. Yes I did! I'm scared of new places...take me Katy!!!

  3. I agree with sending all of those items back, nothing seems worth it there. That's too bad though, usually people get such great stuff from stitch fix!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that! I've had great success with them. Are you getting the same stylist each time? Maybe request a new one?


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