Friday, July 25, 2014

Naked Food Facts Friday

What foods you "should" eat feels like a constant evolution.  One day this food is a "superfood" and the next it's not.  Foods that aren't healthy make you believe they're healthy by adding things like kale and chia.  Plus the media is constantly showing new research that goes against our conventional food wisdom.
So what can you do?  Well not much.  I mean I'm sure you could, but that's not really the point of my post! Hee, hee!  Keep eating produce (organic when you can), lean protein, fiber, and less processed foods.  Eat a variety.  Drink water.  Exercise. And read this blog.  Because today...I'm sharing 5 4 food facts from recent research and my time at the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Symposium.
  • Freeze Those Bluberries
    • We know that blueberries are high in antioxidants and good for us, but did you know they might be even better frozen?  According to research from South Dakota the anthocyanins that are in the skin of the blueberries are more bioavailable to humans when frozen.  The level of anthocyanins also didn't decrease over a 6-month period while was further discovered that the ice crystals that form during freezing disrupt the structure of the plant tissue, making the anthocyanins more available. Just watch for brain freeze!
  • Sustainable Seafood
    • The keynote speaker at the conference was a gentleman named Barton and he talked a lot about sustainable seafood.  That's a real hot-button topic right now, but I do want to share a few things he said.
    • 94% of the fish American eat is imported. Of that 40 million metric tons of seafood is discarded.
    • News about sustainability scares Americans away from seafood when beef and pork still produce a larger and more damaging environmental impact.
    • To eat seafood more sustainably eat lower down the food chain and eat small, silver, oily fish.  Who wants sardines?
  • Artificial Sweeteners
    • Another very controversial issue.  I personally aim to avoid artificial sweeteners, but here is what the lecturer shared about her research on rats.
    • Basically, the body's response (in rats) to artificial sweeteners was different depending on the type of diet they were fed.  Those already on a high fat, high sugar saw more negative consequences than those on a lower fat, lower sugar diet.
    • Those rats with a higher intake of artificial sweeteners had a blunted release of GLP-1.  GLP-1 is an important peptide that helps improve blood sugar control, decreases appetite, and protects the cardiovascular system.
  • Fiber
    • I say it a lot, the speakers said it a lot...EAT MORE FIBER!  
  • GO NAKED!!!!!
    • This has nothing to do with food, but it's for a wonderful cause so I hope you participate. Join me in a fun promotion to help kids in need. 
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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend (naked and full of fiber)!

What's one food or food story that confuses you?
Do you eat seafood?
What skin care do you use?

Love and food science,
Carissa & Kyle


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