Friday, March 7, 2014

West Coast Friday 5

Happy Friday from the Pacific Time Zone!  I am here for the weekend to announce the events of the San Diego Half Marathon.  I lived in San Diego as a wee baby and have been a lifelong Charger fan, plus the weather in San Diego? What's not to love!  It's going to be a great weekend!

It's Friday (woohoo), so let's chat about 5 things I've been loving this week:

1. My Mom
Well, yes, I love my Mom every week, but she moved to Florida this week.   FOR-EV-ER!  The move went well and she's all settled into her new home.  Her cat Boomer did run away for 15 hours and that was very traumatic, but thankfully he's back.  Thank you for the good thoughts for those of you who knew he was loose.  Mom also had her first "fro-yo" trip upon arrival to the Sunshine State.  She put too many toppings.  Amateur.  
2. Fast Miles
I want to be a faster runner.  Duh, who doesn't?! So this week after my workout's I've been tackling a "fast mile".  We have a new Proform treadmill that is awesome.  I can set a distance goal and it makes it easier to get my mile time.  On Tuesday my post workout mile was 7:49 and on Thursday it was 7:45.  Baby steps.  I also think it's good that it's after my workout, so I'm running on tired legs.  5k PR I'm coming for you.
If you want to challenge yourself on the fastest mile challenge, share your results on social media and #Fit2FlexMile.

3. New Recipes
It's been a good long while since I shared a new Fit2Flex recipe.  My Mom and I created a turkey meatball recipe this week that's a keeper.  It has cranberries, sage, and cocktail sauce. Coming soon to a fit blog near you!

4. 30 Seconds to Mars
Did you watch the Oscars last Sunday?  We watched parts, but I always follow who wins.  After all the publicity about Jared Leto after his big Oscar win, I decided to bust out some of my old-ish 30 Seconds to Mars CD's.
I  forgot how much I liked that band.  Oscar + good band + Pre = winner in my book.
I also loved his Oscar speech.  I haven't seen Dallas Buyer's Club, but it's on my Amazon "watch list".

5. Orlando Weather
For those of you up North, I'm really sorry but Orlando weather has been epic.  Last weekend we went to the Farmer's market for some Sunday fun.  There's also Spring training games and golf tournaments on the horizon.

I hope you have a fun weekend whether you're running a race, chilling with family, or getting on a treadmill and running a fast mile just so you can tell me all about it!

What's your fastest 1 mile time?
Have you seen Pre?
Favorite Oscar winner?

Love and from yesterday,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. So very cool that your mom moved closer to you!

    We are finally getting some nicer weather here in the Midwest. Thank goodness!

    We have a family trip planned to Orlando in July. (My brother is a school administrator and that's his only break.) I have never been to FL in the summer (been 5 times before all in March/April). I have a feeling this trip will be less than pleasant weather...

    1. Haha - yes we are quite warm in July! Just prepare to sweat and hydrate a lot!

  2. I did love Jared Leto's speech. It was really sweet and sincere! I haven't seen the movie but we do love a little 30 seconds around here! Ummm and is there ever a such thing as too many froyo toppings?

  3. I am also a huge Jared Leto fan! I've harbored a massive crush on him since his days as Jordan Catalano on My So Called Life. His band is all over my running playlist as well. Love them. Can't wait to see them with perform in August in Tampa. Enjoy San Diego. It's the only part of the country I like better than Florida.

  4. I have not seen Pre-need to add it to my list! I think Jared Leto is a cutie since back in the day, he does need to cut those hair ends though, haha. I'm jealous of your lovely Florida weather-the Northeast is less than ideal right now. I haven't timed my fastest mile in a while, I know in a couple 5Ks I was around 6:40 for a mile.

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