Sunday, March 9, 2014

Best Damn Race Orlando

If you're going to call something the "Best Damn Race" then it better live up to expectations. Note: For some reason I dislike typing "curse words", therefore for the duration of this post the aforementioned race shall be referred to as BDR.
I've been racing more than normal this season. I decided to sign up for this race on a whim for two reasons:  It was a quick drive from my house, and when I registered it was only $40.  BDR does a tiered pricing structure, so the sooner you sign up the cheaper your entry fee.  If you're lucky it could be only $1!

Race morning I woke up at 6am and headed to the start early.  I like to have stress free parking and that gave me time to chat with my cousin Taina who was running the 10k.
After 3 (yes 3!) bathroom trips I met up with a plethora of Orlando and Tampa bloggers.  I know Victoria from my MarathonFest running group and have met and hung out with Meghann several times. Michelle and Paula are Orlando bloggers and Beka is a Tampa girl.
Going into the race I didn't have a specific goal.  Coming off The Celebration Marathon with 4 weeks between races there wasn't enough time to recover and train for speed.  I did two 9 miles runs, 1 tempo run, and several shorter runs.  My goal was to enjoy the race and not get injured.  Because of this strategy I decided to start with Victoria, Meghann, and Beka who were gunning for a sub-1:53 PR for Beka.  Yup, I knew that was the opposite race strategy that is successful for me, but I wanted to have fun and run with my friends.  So I did.

Miles 1-3 were all around 8:26.
I made it to the 5k mark at that pace and then slowed a bit.  I kept the miles sub-9 through the 10k mark and was shocked to see a 10k PR on my Garmin at the 6.2 mile mark.  53:44, which is faster than my 10k PR from Disney this year.  Yes, it's unofficial, but it was speedy.

The course was windy and partially on brick roads.  It's very hard to avoid brick roads on a race around Downtown Orlando.  I am used to running on them from my training runs, but it is more difficult.  The race was also very turn heavy.  I read that there were more than 40+ turns on the course.  Not a speed friendly course from that standpoint.
The water stops were plentiful and staffed with adults with autism, which I thought was a great idea.  Kudos on the plentiful water stops.

Back to the race - I was slowing.  I was not surprised at this and I just tried to enjoy running, being at a race, and being able to run.  I was passed and passed to the point where I almost laughed.  I'm the negative splitter and here I was hitting the wall! But it was okay, I was running a race on a beautiful day.  I was a happy (yet tired) girl.
I did a little race math and decided I could finish under 2 hours. I kept pace and finished a sore and aching, but a happy girl.

13.1 miles - 1:59:15 - 9:06 average pace (my 3rd fastest half ever)
After the race I took a sore hip to the IT band stretching area to get a little post-race recovery started.  The post race food was plentiful and I opted for a banana and my Cheribundi Whey Cherry drink that I brought with me.
One cool thing about the race was the PR bell.  It was fun to hear the celebrations of those who PR'd.
Overall it might not have been the "BEST" dang race, but it was a good event that I would run again.  One note was that my Garmin and most others measured the race short.  Most "certified" courses that I run will be long on my Garmin.  I'd hate to PR on a short course and never know how accurate it was.  We did go under 2 overpasses, which may have affected Garmins.

Also....they should work on their spelling of the word "Orlando"....just saying....
For a morning run where I could sleep in my own bed and then rock a medal to my weekly grocery shopping trip, it was a best dang morning for me!

Do you like races close to your home or do you like to travel?
Can you count a PR if the course is short?

Love and expletives,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. Sad I missed this race but nice job girlie! Speedy Gonzalesssss

  2. Great race! I haven't done a destination race yet. Seems fun but at home races are definitely less stressful.
    Hilarious that they spelt Orlando wrong though!

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