Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five

Hi friends!  Can you believe it, but this is my first "Friday 5" of 2014?  Shocking, I know!

The good news is that I have had 5 weeks to think about what 5 things I'm loving right now and I can't wait to share them with you.  Most of you probably aren't loving the weather right now.  We set record highs (86+) in Orlando on Wednesday and yesterday was gray and in the 60's.  I'm actually wishing I could see snow.  I really do miss that and cold temperatures down here in Florida (yes, I know you're mentally throwing snowballs at me right now!)

Weather aside, here are 5 things I'm loving this week year:

1. Earth Balance PB Popps
Addicting snack of the year award goes it...PB Popps!  I literally grabbed these as a major impulse buy at Whole Foods.  It's popcorn covered in peanut butter with some granola mixed in. It's gluten free, vegan, addicting, and not too healthy.  And you know what? If I ever see this on the shelf again...I'll buy it...and you should too!
Note the cat photo bomb
2. Koss Headphones Discount
Remember when I did my fitness gift guide this winter and talked about the awesome Koss Fit Series headphones as part of a Fitfluential campaign? <readers shake their head yes>
Well, Walgreens and Koss have a great special going on right now that I wanted to make sure you knew about.  All models and colors are now just $19.99 at Walgreens, which is a $10 savings off the usual price.  Boom - go get some!

3. Mamma Chia 
Every now and then Kyle and I get totally hooked on a product and right now it's the Mamma Chia, chia squeeze.  We used these as part of a TV segment at my work and I tried them for the first time.  While I'm not a fan of chia drinks, I am a fan of these pouches.  Especially for someone like Kyle who doesn't eat fish, it's a great way to get his daily servings of Omega-3's in.  It's also good for energy during a run and it's high in fiber.
I'm not sure where you can buy them in your area.  I buy mine in bulk on iHerb, since Kyle has decided he needs to consume one per day.

4. Nashville
No not the city - the TV show. (Although I do need a real vacation! Who wants to go to Nashville?) If you were wondering what's on my DVR currently it's Nashville, Top Chef (which just ended the season), and The Blacklist.  Kinda slim on the DVR recordings.  I do love Nashville though and can't wait to watch last week's episode over the weekend.
Am I missing any "must see" shows?  Now that football season is over, our TV has a lot of free time.

5. Cabot Cheese
Cheese is a great afternoon snack. One of my favorites to be exact.  My friends at Cabot sent me this fun box that we enjoyed as appetizers for a dinner party I had last weekend.  I personally like the horseradish cheddar.  It has a subtle hint of spice, but a wonderful creamy texture.  (You might have also noticed the shiny, new badge on the right of my blog.  I'm excited to announce that I'm an RD member of the Cabot Cheese blog. Thanks Cabot for the honor!)
For the dinner party we had about 11 people over and I made my skinny turkey lasagna and friends brought salad and dessert.
What's the last thing you snacked on?
Do you buy impulse foods at the store?
Fave TV show right now?

Love and Dara Torres,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. My favorite impulse buy was at Trader Joes. They were giving out samples of their "less guilt" guacamole made with Greek yogurt....oh my word it is awesome!!! I'll have to check out those chia pouches...looking for more all natural products for my runs!

  2. My mom is obsessed with nasheville, I haven't gotten into it yet!

  3. We're so happy you're a member of the Cabot Cheese Board, Carissa and look forward to working with you. PS I love Nashville too!

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