Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Under Armour - Armour 39 Heart Rate Monitor

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential, LLC on behalf of Under Armour.
Think about your last few workouts.....

Are you proud of the effort you gave?
Or could you have pushed a little more?

It's called a "workout", so it should be "WORK", however it's easy to get caught in a rut, lack motivation, or just not give your best every day.

I'm a trainer and it happens to me.  It's easy to rationalize excuses, but you can't argue with numbers.  I recently had the chance to try the Armour 39 Heart Rate monitor from Under Armour and it's the answer to workout slacking.  You don't have room for excuses, because as you're training you can instantly see your heart rate, intensity, and will power score.  Talk about motivation.
Jogging and watching my heart rate.
I've used heart rate monitors in the past and I have never stuck with them.  I'd be staring at my wrist waiting for the results, while my heart rate was dropping.  Armour 39 is a heart rate monitor that syncs to your iPhone.  I just set it on the bench near me as I worked out and I could literally watch my heart rate change throughout the workout and even throughout my set.

Armour 39 is a real-time performance monitor that tracks heart rate, calories burned, workout duration, real-time intensity, and willpower.
I'm not blowing smoke here guys - this thing is AMAZING!  It gave me such a reality check during my workout.  It also helped Kyle and I to know for sure which exercises and what rep schemes were most effective.  For me a weighted deadlift elevated my heart rate higher than a Smith machine squat.  When doing hack squats my heart rate was directly effected by the range of motion, so a deeper squat = a bigger burn.
Blurry, but I was running and watching my heart rate.
It also kept me accountable to when I felt mentally fatigued.  I felt "done" in my mind, but looking at the intensity and comparing it to my last workout I knew I had more to give.

The technical details:  You wear it like a traditional heart rate monitor around your chest.  You download the app on your iPhone and sync the band via bluetooth.  (Currently it only works with iPhones.  I have an android phone, so I can only sync it at the gym with Kyle's phone)  Once it's synched you tell the app to start your workout and the tracking is on!  If you're away from the phone the band will remember a workout for up to 16 hours and you can sync when you're back in range.
Heart Rate Monitor
If I had a million dollars I would honestly buy one of these for each of our clients at the gym.  I think the understanding it brings is that valuable to your workout.  Look, you're spending the time in the gym - why not know just how hard you're working?

I'm so thankful to Under Armour for letting me try and review the Armour39.  I have been hesitant to use heart rate products in the past, because they're inconvenient and don't track and remember the results.  The Armour39 does so much and for $99 it's a good investment in your fitness.

What tech devices do you use in your workout?
Have you tracked your heart rate while training?

Love and lub-dub,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. I posted a late comment to your Dec 18th post. If you get a chance can you go back and answer it. Thanks! This heart rate monitor sounds like something to add to my wish list.

  2. I like to run with my GPS watch that monitors my pace. If I start falling beneath the target pace that I have set, it alerts me. I gotta work hard to meet that target! Ive never worked with a heart rate monitor before, but I know a bunch of folks that swear by them! Perhaps I will try it next.

    1. I've used them before I think they're a good gauge of how hard you're working. More information is always a good thing when talking about performance and fitness.

  3. I use an app on my iPhone called 60beat Heart Rate Monitor. The app is free, and works with any Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor. I use the Polar H7 HRM, which I just adore, because it does both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+. That means it talks to my smartphone (Bluetooth) and it also talks to gym equipment (like my treadmill). Best of both worlds. The Polar H7 retails for about $60.

    1. I've never tried Polar, but it sounds like they have some good products. Do you find knowing your heart rate helpful?

  4. I would love to get one of these. I don't use tech devices right now but do want to get into heart rate training. I've heard good things about Polar monitors as well. How do you think Armour39 compares?

    1. I have never used Polar so I can't say, but I did like that I could see this on the phone and didn't have to look at a watch. I could literally watch my heart rate across the room.

  5. The only one I ever used was on a watch I had with a timer and heart rate monitor. I guess my fitbit counts too. I've read tons of reviews on heart rate monitors, and I guess I'm still not sold on why I would need one. :-/


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