Thursday, July 25, 2013

Disney's Boardwalk Hotel Full Body Workout

Today's post shares a well balanced full body workout that can be done in any gym. It was, however designed for the gym at Disney's Boardwalk Hotel.  I completed this workout during my stay at the Boardwalk for Disney's Sports Festival in July.
The BoardWalk Hotel has a top notch gym for a hotel.  The equipment, while a bit dated, is plentiful.  There's a cable machine, full set of weight machines, dumbbells, treadmills, ellipticals, and a stair-stepper.  Well done Disney.
Kyle and I call this work "Descending, Ascending" meaning that as you decrease your reps on one movement, you are increasing your reps in the other.  Then the number of reps meet in the middle.  It's a three set routine that will leave your muscles (especially your chest) fully fatigued.
This would be a great workout to do in addition to running a few beautiful laps around the boardwalk. It could also be done a few days before a RunDisney race to keep your fitness up while you travel.
Warning for those of you completing this workout at the Boardwalk Hotel.  The leg press is right by the window which is right by the elevator.  You may feel a little like an exhibit in an attraction.  Don't forget to smile as you press!
Do you workout on vacation?
Where did you go on your last vacation?

Love and welcome home,
Carissa & Kyle

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Disney's Summer Sports Festival RunDisney Epcot Run

Day 2 of the Disney Sports Festival media event started bright and early as the bloggers were given a taste of RunDisney with a fun run around Epcot.
The bloggers arrived at 6:45 and were given a brief overview of RunDisney and a talk by our New Balance team about next year's New Balance RunDisney sneakers.  Yes, there will be a new style for the 2014 RunDisney season that will debut during marathon weekend. And yes, you may see teasers for those during Wine & Dine Weekend. 'Tis all I know!  We also gave 2 pairs of the current season's RunDisney New Balance shoes to 2 lucky bloggers.
We walked over the bridge to the International Gateway of Epcot and were greeted by a royal surprise.
Royal Minnie is one of my top character faves.  Who doesn't love a mouse in pink?
I started off the run with Rudy's classic "Runners sssseeeettttttttttt" and our entertainment manager John pretended to be a firework.  Classic.

I was told to keep the pace nice and easy since not everyone was a runner.  I "lead" the group with a 1030- 11 minute per mile pace.
Rocking my tiara Sweatyband
I have only run 2 RunDisney 5k's so this was my very first time running in Epcot.  I LOVED it!  The park was so quiet early in the morning and I took time to be thankful for such a wonderful experience.  It was funny to hear the music of the different countries change as we ran through World Showcase.
The group stopped for water at Germany.  There they were greeted by Snow White, Dopey, and Rapunzel.  All of our RunDisney team pitched in to make sure the bloggers had a true RunDisney experience complete with water carts.
Once all the pictures were done, we finished our loop back around World Showcase and met Royal Minnie once again.  This time I just had to get a picture too.  I'm a Disney kid at heart too!
The loop was roughly 1.2 miles.  The group then had the option to return to the Gazebo at the Boardwalk hotel or continue around the boardwalk loop in what will soon be one of the New Balance sponsored running trails.  I was aching to get in extra miles since I missed my usual training run, so I picked up the pace as I headed around the boardwalk.  It was only 730am, but the sun was in full force.  Black was a poor choice.

I ran with Heather, Jen, and Kelly and I think I did 4 more laps.  Each lap is 0.8 miles.  We increased our speed for the laps and were between 8:30-9:30.
I was disgustingly drenched in sweat and famished after the run.  I dashed to the Boardwalk Bakery in search of a filling breakfast, since I knew we had a long day before lunch.  The gigantic carbs at the bakery called to me, but I picked the breakfast bowl.
It was a hollowed out roll filled with roasted potatoes, red peppers, spinach, and eggs.  It comes with cheese, but I opted to have mine without.  It was served with a side of bacon or ham and fresh fruit. I was not expecting much from this breakfast, but it was delicious!  Salty, but delicious.  The fruit was a pineapple and blueberry cup that was fresh too. The bread bowl I thought was unnecessary with the carbs from the fruit and potatoes, but to each is own and it was a handy serving dish.
After a quick shower I met up with the media group and I headed back to ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex to complete our tour.
I toured the group around the summer festival center, our ESPN broadcast truck, and through Champion Stadium.
The group then toured Disney's Art of Animation hotel and I went back to the boardwalk to prepare for the final event of the afternoon which was lunch and a healthy cooking demo.
The lunch was a Brazilian inspired buffet with jerk chicken, polenta casserole, and a unique sweet potato and black bean salad.  The sweet potatoes were a favorite of many bloggers.
After lunch Chef Andy from Disney's Animal Kingdom demoed a cold oatmeal dish. Most blog readers would call it "overnight oats" and Andy was quite amused when I educated him on overnight oats in a jar!

The final portion of the day was a Q & A session that I moderated and we wrapped up with any questions from the bloggers.
Molly from Go Mom
For a runner and a Disney fan like me, the morning run through Epcot was a highlight and I hope to be able to run through the parks again soon!

If you are a RunDisney runner, what park is your favorite to run through?

Which Disney character is your fave and do they have a specific costume you like to see them in?

Love and fast pass,
Carissa & Kyle

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Disney's Magical Express Video Shoot

Boy do we have some catching up to do! How was your holiday weekend?
I posted a short "blerb" of our 4th of July (which I actually typed on set Friday) but here's a more complete version.

The Watermelon 5k in Winter Park, Florida, is a holiday tradition that I have announced for the past several years.  We had about 4,000 runners with lots of red, white, and blue spirit.
The winning female was ironically from Norway and won in a time of about 17:20.  Uh - that's 5:34 average pace per mile fast.
Beast Mode was in the house! Hi Tamara!
Announcer and DJ Steve (the original)
As I mentioned on Friday, Kyle and I relaxed for a majority of the fourth and then we got in a relaxing workout at the gym.  And by relaxing, I mean he made me do 100 deadlifts!  Not cool Uncle Sam! Kyle did 100 squats and was equally thrilled by the pain.
After a sweat and a shower we had a family BBQ at Kyle's parents house.  I brought healthy coleslaw and pickles to contribute to the spread.  Guess which plate belongs to Kyle?
We had a plethora of great food included grilled burgers, chicken, and hot dogs with smoked chicken.  The sides included coleslaw, Iowa Girl Eats orzo salad (made by Kelsey), potato salad, baked beans, and watermelon.  We're so American!

Friday morning I had a 10 hour video shoot at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  I was pretty excited about this shoot and was mentally prepared for the day.  I had about 15 pages of script to get through.  Thank goodness for the teleprompter.
I arrived at 9am and was done with hair and makeup by around 10.  We shot on the green screen from 1045 to about 1, went to lunch, and then went back to work until 530.
What's the video for you ask?  Have you ever stayed at a Walt Disney World resort and ridden Disney's Magical Express?  Well here's a hint...if you ride the bus in a few months then you might hear a familiar voice...the-ENTIRE- ride!  Yes, I can tell you're booking your trips now :)
I kid, but it was a great shoot and a wonderful team to work with.  Best part of my day?  We needed a picture of me on Rock 'n Rollercoaster for the video, so I gladly obliged.  Ride a ride with no wait in the front seat?  Don't mind if I do!
The long day of shooting wore me out and Kyle had a pretty packed day too, so cooking was not on my "must-do" list.  I was "trying" to eat healthy, so I convinced myself that a salad at a BBQ joint was healthy.  Probably not, but it was delish!  If you're ever in Central Florida you need to plan a trip to 4 Rivers Smokehouse.  There is usually a line out the door, so you know it's good.
I had the cornbread salad with pulled chicken and a side of green beans.  I also ate a lot of Kyle's baked beans.  Big bean fan right here!
Want to know what an exciting Friday night sounds like?  Watching LockUp and laying in bed while your cat hides from leftover fireworks.  Party animals for sure.  I had a 9 miler on tap for Saturday, so I was perfectly inclined to kick up my heels and remind myself why I never want to go to jail.

This post might be getting a bit lengthy, so I'll pop back in tomorrow with a Saturday recap and a run recap. Don't forget to wish Polie a Happy Birthday! She turned 10 on the 4th!
Ever seen Lockup?
Are you a Friday night stay-in or go-out type?

Love and incarceration,
Carissa & Kyle

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