Sunday, March 31, 2013

Improve Your Plank Workout

Whether or not you have a 6-pack your abs are important. Your "core" helps stabilize nearly every move you do. Squats, pull-ups, and barbell squat press will all rely on your abdominal muscles during the movement.

Did you know that having a strong core can help your posture and help you run faster?

I'm not fooling you this April.  We are challenging you to improve your plank.  It's "AB APRIL"!

Pin, print, and follow this workout each day of the week.
All the moves can be done anywhere with no equipment needed.  I use the timer on my phone for my plank.

Tell us how you improve each week and tweet using #AbApril  At the end of the challenge we will award one random participant of every week an awesome gift.

If you've never done a plank before don't worry.  You're simply holding a push-up position on your elbows.  Your feet can be close together or up to 12 inches apart.
Make sure not to stick your butt up or sag down in your shoulders.
I did my plank last Thursday and recorded a 4:14.
I'm not thrilled, because I was really gunning for 5 minutes, but I'm ready to work.  I'm also cutting my diet to 100% clean starting today and following my Advocare herbal cleanse that I do once a year.

Bonus points if you're brave enough to post before and after ab pics.  The Easter bunny likes to bring my chocolate so I'm not sure how brave I am! Maybe on Thursday...haha

How long was your plank today?  Tell me in the comments below:

Love and hold tight,
Carissa & Kyle

Workout those Abs:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RunDisney Royal Family 5k

Jeff Galloway told a story to me before this year’s Royal Family 5k.  He told me that at the race expo a couple came up to him that looked familiar.  They went on to explain that they had met him 2 years before at the Princess Expo when they had flown to Florida from Michigan to run the 5k.   This year, 2013, they flew back to run their first half marathon, The Princess Half.  Following Jeff’s run-walk-run plan they had transformed from athletes timid to attempt their first 3.1 miles to a couple confidant they could go 13.1.  That’s why I love running.  Any speed, any race, any person can achieve a personal best and keep growing as an athlete.
The Royal Family 5k is an un-timed fun run that takes place as part of Disney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend.  This year was the 5th anniversary of the race and we had over 8,000 runners in the 5k.  We didn’t have 8,000 total runners in the half marathon the first year.  That’s huge growth.
As race announcers, Rudy and I arrived at the Epcot parking lot where the start was at 3am. 
Hi Rudy!
We reviewed our scripts and outline for the day.  I forgot my typical oatmeal breakfast and had to make do with an uncrustable.  I was hoping the fat from the peanut butter would keep me full.  It was not the most nutritionally sound choice.
About an hour before the race Rudy and I headed on stage to welcome the crowd and get them excited for the event.  I did several interviews with runners and families.  I also hung out in the trailer with these two RunDisney VIP’s; our RunDisney nutritionist Tara Gidus and actor Sean Astin from “Lord of the Rings” and “Rudy”. 
I’ve said it before, but Sean is a great guy.  You have to be pretty awesome to rock a tiara at 5am.
The race was so big we had to break the starts into 5 waves. Rudy and I sent the first wave off and then I went to the finish while Rudy sent away waves B-E. 
Finish line fun!
Mickey, Minnie, and I welcomed finishers for close to 100 minutes.  Then we turned our attention to the kids’ races and the Mickey Mile.  In true Princess fashion a young girl won the Mickey Mile in just over 6 minutes.  She out sprinted 2 boys in the final 25 meters and waved her arms encouraging the crowd to cheer.  I loved it.
After the kids races I headed back to Coronado Springs to finish up Day 2 of the Fit for a Princess expo.
If you’re a runner do you remember your first race?  Were you nervous?  Did you travel?
Love and Royal Families,
Carissa & Kyle

ps - For more fun you can check out Heather at Running With Sass's recap too! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Being a Dietetic Intern

Today I started my first day in my “Foodservice and Management” rotation of my dietetics program. 
For those of you not familiar with what it takes to become an RD (registered dietitian), it’s quite the task.  In addition to the coursework in dietetics, you need to complete an approved internship before you can sit for your RD exam.  Different academic programs structure their internships differently.  My internship is broken into 4 separate 8-week internships: clinical dietetics, foodservice and management, community dietetics, and an advanced internship.
I recently completed my clinical internship.  The requirements were pretty straightforward.  I learned how to care for patients, address any nutritional concerns, provide nutritional support (tube feeings), and stratify nutritional risk based on evidenced based practice and guidelines.  I spent 8 weeks in the rotation. Of those 8 weeks, I spent the final two in “staff relief” where I saw patients on my own. This is thought to be the most “difficult” of all the rotations.
Now I am in my second rotation, which for me is Foodservice and Management.  I am at the same hospital where I did my clinical rotation, so I will be learning about foodservice from a patient service and a retail side.  As I was reviewing my syllabus today, I was mildly overwhelmed by the amount of assignments we have.  Some of those assignments include a clinical performance improvement, a retail performance improvement, a plate waste study, creating a spirit breaker menu item including a cost analysis with labor and foods, and documenting several other procedures and policies in regards to management.  I need to do some more research in regards to my performance improvements, but I’m thinking of doing a smoothie bar fun holiday themed meal for my spirit breaker.  What do you think?
Sometimes I struggle with being an intern.  I am a control freak (there I said it). Not being able to control my day is hard for me.  Also there are times when I don’t know “what I’m supposed to be doing”.  Like today for example, my manager had to leave for an emergency, so I’ve spent several hours today reading hospital policies and case studies related to hospital food service. Color me excited.
Since I’ve been spending so much time at my internship lately, I thought you guys might like reading about it and learning more in case you want to be an RD.  Let me know if you enjoy these types of posts and I can share more.
Are you an RD or RD2Be?  Tell me about your foodservice internship?
Have you ever been an intern before?  Tell me your stories.
Love and learning,
Carissa & Kyle