Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Better Butt Workout

There's no clever way to say this.  Today's post is all about the BUTT and how to make yours happier, perkier, and firmer.

After 3 hours of doing the "Booty Firm" workout with Mark Ballas, I think I am qualified to pass along some bootylicious workout advice.  You may not have a celebrity dancer to workout with, but here's a Fit2Flex approved GREAT GLUTE workout!

After tackling this workout for a few weeks you will officially be a part of the "walk away" club.  They hate to see you leave, but they'll love to watch you walk away! :)
What's your preferred slang term for "butt"?  
Seriously.  Let's chat it out...

Love and tushies,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. looks like a great workout!! my preferred slang term for butt? i suppose booty. not very original! haha

  2. Replies
    1. I had no idea how to spell tookus Thanks! Ha

  3. "They hate to see you leave, but they'll love to watch you walk away!" Oh goodness! You almost had me spitting coffee!!!
    I like the term booty as in bootylicious! ;-)

  4. How many sets of the strength training portion?

    1. Hey Meghan! I would go through two rounds for a longer workout. If your training that day includes upper body too than one set. Thanks for reading! Hope that helps.

  5. HAHA! Love you "walk away" comment!
    I posted about butts today too, and I said rump or referred to it as "what your mama gave (or didn't) ya'" ;)

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