Friday, July 13, 2012

50 Marathons to put on your Bucketlist

I'm so excited to share today's guest post with you.  When Doris sent me this list I was enthralled imagining running 26.2 in these amazing American destinations.  Bookmark & pin this post when it's time to plan your next traveling distance running journey.

Stunning, scenic, breath-taking, georgeous, inspiring vistas that carry you along — and in a wink or two, you'll have bagged a marathon to remember for a lifetime!
Sound enticing?

Why not tie your vacation plans together with a marathon to die for? The country is filled to the rim with beauties for your pickin'.

The following list is brought to you by YOU — that's right!


What did I do? Selected what I determined to be the best from your reviews and pictures — one for each state.

If you have ran any of the following, plus others from that state and you believe another to be the most scenic, please connect with me and send me a picture or two. I will happily update this list with your recommendations!

50 Marathons To Add To Your Bucket List

Below this infographic you will find each of the following marathons listed by the month they are run in — with the reviews and associated websites to register.

Scan these babies and envision YOU running them — perhaps even all 50?!
Have your heard of The MARATHON MANIACS and 50 STATES CLUB?

Let's Do It! Plan Your Marathon For This Year









Thank you Doris for this great post. Please take the time to visit her brand, spanking new site Time to Kick Buts.

Doris describes herself as consumed by passion and kicking buTs until pooped wtih exhaustion.  She is a self-proclaimed brand jumpstarter, kid wish grantor, and marathon junkie (plus).

Thank you again for sharing your passion with Fit2Flex!

Love and 26.2 x 50,
Carissa & Kyle

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Survive an Overseas Trip

A 16-hour plane ride is no joke.  It’s long, uncomfortable, and causes havoc on your body.  Have you ever taken a long overseas flight?

Today I have 5 tips to make your next long flight a little easier. And no, taking a sedative and passing out isn’t one of them!

I was very anxious about the long trip, but it was really not nearly as bad as I thought.  I can’t speak to recovering from jet lag yet, but the ride wasn’t so bad.  Think of it as a long sick day with movies and a really tiny, upright bed.

I flew Qantas and each seat has their own TV with essentially hundreds of TV and movie choices.  The Hunger Games was available…don’t be jealous!

I’m actually saving The Hunger Games for my trip back.  On this flight I watched The Vow, ½ of Wanderlust <insert 6 hours of sleep>, ¼ of The Rum Diaries, and ½ of The Lucky One.  I apparently love a good romantic comedy.

Another smart thing I did was select gluten-free meals for my trip.  Once on the plane we were given a guide of what to expect for the flight- what the meals were, when, etc…
I was very happy with how clean and healthy my gluten-free meals were.  But….you’ll have to wait for WIAW for those!
Here are 5 tips to survive overseas travel:
1.     1. Hydrate. 
          I’m not sure how I’ll feel once I’m off the plane, but I have tried to drink as much water as I could before and during the flight.  You are supposed to aim for 6oz per hour and even with my best efforts I think I was below that.  But I tried.  I also had a Rebootizer to help my body fight all the oxidative stress that traveling causes. Avoid coffee, tea, and alcohol as those dehydrate your body.

2.     2. Noise Cancelling Headphones.
          I think this could be my #1 tip for a happy flight.  I never thought to get headphones until my professor Dr. Longstreet suggested it.  It has been a lifesaver.  I bought a $25 pair on Amazon that is designed for planes, meaning they plug into the outlet in the seat.  I can watch movies and the headphones cancel out the engine noise.  You don’t know how magical it is until you turn them off.  It’s like I’m in my own little quiet bubble.

3.     3. Zensah Compression Socks
          Long flights and sitting are terrible for blood flow and DVT is a possibility for those with a history of medical risk factors.  The amazing people at Zensah mailed me a pair of compression socks to keep me healthy.  I put on my black socks 2 hours into the flight and immediately noticed the difference. Thank you Zensah for the wonderful product.
4.     4. Toiletries Bag
          I stocked my carry-on with all of my toiletry necessities. In a 3oz or less size of course! I had toothpaste, my toothbrush, face wipes, face lotion, a brush, and body lotion.  I also brought saline nose spray and eye drops.  The plane is at 25% humidity, which is so drying for your skin.  The eye drops and nose spray made a really big difference, especially after I woke up from my nap.  I also changed my underwear mid flight.  TMI?

5.     5. Look strange to feel comfortable.
          This is me sleeping.  #nutcase
seriously. seriously.
But I slept and it wasn’t the most uncomfortable thing ever.  I have, as you know, 2 herniated discs in my neck, so those neck pillows aren’t enough support for me.  Having the neck brace allowed me to lean my head, but not cause pain in my neck.  I also rocked my headphones, blindfold and Cinderella’s Castle blanket as I slept.  I probably seemed strange to other travelers. Oh well, only I know what my body needs. And it’s that’s a neck brace, compression socks, frequent bathroom breaks, and special gluten free meal then that’s what I’ll do.  You do you.  Sage advice, huh!

My only other tips are obvious.  If you’re a fidgeter like me, try to get an aisle seat.  I honestly think I was up and down 15 times.  Bathroom, stretch, fill up my water, brush my teeth.  Just call me the wanderer.

I landed in Brisbane at 5am their time and cleared customs and what in about an hour. I've arrived at my hotel in Queensland and the floor still feels like it's moving under me.  Is that normal?

What are your overseas travel tips? Would you have made fun of the kid in the neck brace?

Love and high quality H20,
Carissa & Kyle