Saturday, June 2, 2012

5 Questions with Healthy Helper

Welcome to Saturday and this week's edition of 5 questions with...
Today's post features Kaila of Healthy Helper.

Kaila is a young blogger with a wonderful spirit and a passion for health and fitness.  She's so mature for her age! Her posts and tweets are always insightful and inspiring. I'm honored to feature her on Fit2Flex. Kaila is recovering from a recent injury so I encourage you guys to stop by her blog and leave her some love!

And now let's get chatty with Healthy Helper:
Fit2Flex 5 Questions:
1. Why did you start blogging?
  I started blogging after about a half a year of reading Healthy Living blogs. I discovered this part of the internet through a simple Google recipe search and after reading for a while decided to try my hand at the other side of it all….publishing my own blog! What started as a fun little experiment, transformed into a hobby that I have become passionate and dedicated to! I have grown to take pride in my blog and the content I produce and the community I have found myself becoming a part of is truly amazing. I can honestly say, blogging is my number one outlet for expression, venting, sharing excitement, and making my voice heard! It is such an important part of my life.

2. What is your most popular blog post?
My most popular blog post in terms of page views and comments would definitely be one of my giveaway posts…but instead of linking to one of those I will share the post that I received the most positive feedback on! To me, that indicates popularity more than just views!
It's called This is For You.

This was a round up post of reader submitted “alternative” magazine covers. Instead of the usual ones focused on the bodies of celebrities, the latest diet fads, and who has lost or gained a pound recently, I asked readers to submit covers that promoted positivity, healthy body image, and things that had meaning and value to them.

3. What post are you most proud of?
  I am most proud of my posts that spark discussion and maybe even cause a little controversy on the blog! I love when readers are able to share their honest opinions on my view points and when we can all engage in respectful debate. One recent post I am particularly proud of is:
Men vs. Women: The Fitness Double Standard
4. What is your favorite healthy treat?
 My favorite healthy treat would definitely have to be one of my numerous healthy baked goods! Currently I am OBSESSED with making variations of my banana-date oat bars…the original recipe can be found here!
5. What is a typical Saturday like for you?
My Saturday’s are actually pretty consistent every week! After a long week at school, its nice to have a fun routine to look forward to on the weekend! This is what a typical Saturday looks like for me:
-8:30 Hot Power Yoga with my FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR
-Early lunch and catch up on my favorite blogs!
-Walk with the pup!
-Food shopping for the week
-Preparing one of my favorite meals for dinner (usually something involving kabocha squash!)
-Hanging out with the family either watching a movie or playing a board game
Restful and relaxing…just how I like it!

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