Friday, May 11, 2012

RunDisney Expedition Everest Challenge

This Disney marathons and half marathons are BIG DEALS! Athletes train for months, travel from across the world, and pile in as much as 42.4 miles into one weekend.
However, there is a lesser known gem in the RunDisney series and 5,000 brave runners tackled this year's Expedition Everest Challenge last weekend.
Expedition Everest Challenge is a 5k with some obstacles thrown in, a scavenger/clue hunt, and a massive nighttime party in the park.
The entire vibe of the race in FUN and as always the medals are fabulous.

2012 marked the 5th anniversary of the race and I am happy to say that I've been one of the hosts for all 5.
I'm also VERY happy to say that the outfit I wore the first year was promptly retired.
circa 2009 - you can laugh.
I mean, I know we're aiming for a Everest, Himalayan, snowy Mountain kind of vibe....but this is just plain hot people! It's Florida!

In terms of the announcing I have to do, this event is pretty standard.  We talk for about an hour prior to the start and then send off each wave at 6 minute intervals.
Your announcers - Carissa & John
Some where along the years a "story" was created for this race about a brave explorer named Gary Ericcson and his quest to find the "Yeti". Years have passed and currently Gary is missing.  Apparently, I am distraught over this. I'm a big fan of Gary.
After the start we head into Asia in the park and welcome teams across the finish line.  We pass out awards at 12:30 and that's it for us announcers.

But let's talk about the race...
The race has about 8 waves to insure minimal backup at the obstacles.  Once you finish the 5k, you dash inside Animal Kingdom to attempt to solve 5 scavenger clues.  I've never done the race myself, however I have looked at some of the clues and they weren't easy. Fast wits are key.

Once your clues are finished and correct, you and your partner can finally cross the finish line and join the party.
The runners get to enjoy the Everest roller coaster, DinoLand U.S.A., and a dance party.

Baloo also likes to dance and so does this guy in the green bodysuit. Thoughts?
If you are looking for a fun, short race and a RunDisney experience this is the place for you. No pressure, no PR's, just fun and dancing bears.

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Since Instagram came over to the Android side I have been a big fan.  #droidfan4life Thanks also to Karla, for showing me all the fun at InstaFriday.

Have you done a RunDisney race? What was your favorite part?

Love and yeti,
Carissa & Kyle