Saturday, May 19, 2012

5 Questions with Cait Plus Ate

Welcome to Saturday and this week's edition of 5 questions with...

Today's post features Caitlin of Cait Plus Ate.

Caitlin is an awesome FitFluential Ambassador who just attended an amazing Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet-Up in NYC with FitFluential. I also enjoy her very clever blog name!

Side Note - being "FitFluential" is seriously awesome! Visit their website to sign up to be an "enthusiast" or if you blog apply to be an "Ambassador."

And now....let's get chatty with Cait Plus Ate:

Hi! I'm Caitlin, a 23 year old full-time working girl, currently pursuing my MBA on the side. I'm a total foodie and love restaurants. I also love learning about nutrition and fitness. I'm striving to live a healthy and happy lifestyle and will be documenting everything that comes with it in this blog. I hope you enjoy!

Fit2Flex 5 Questions:
1. Why did you start blogging?
I graduated from college this past May and started a job that did not necessarily allow me to channel my passions for food, fitness, and new media marketing. I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a project that would allow me to share what I love with the world - a blog! I'd been on the fence about making one for awhile, and my friend Rachel came up with a great name for it. Once she did, I knew it was fate, and the perfect time to begin.

2. What is your most popular blog post?
I hadn't checked this in awhile so it was interesting to do so! The most popular post I've ever had was my recap of my purchases at the Orlando Premium Outlets during my last vacation -

3. What post are you most proud of?
I have to say I'm most proud of a post I wrote recently about one of the many benefits of blogging - the new friends I've made. I was feeling particularly thankful that day and was so glad to have the blog to broadcast those feelings to both old and new friends!

4. What is your favorite healthy treat?
Lately I have been LOVING Love Grown Foods granolas stirred into plain Greek yogurt. Whenever I am hungry for a snack after dinner, this has been my go-to!

5. What is a typical Saturday like for you?
This is an awesome question! On a typical Saturday I wake up and hit the gym. I either do Step class or a combo of HIIT on the StairMaster followed by weights of some kind. Then I head to my favorite cafe and do a mixture of hanging out with friends, chatting with the regulars, blogging, and homework until I get hungry for lunch. I head home and make a salad beast!! Then I do chores and/or errands, sit outside if it's nice, watch the DVR if it's not, shower, and get ready for a dinner out. I eat dinner out on most Saturdays, since I'm such a restaurant queen. After dinner and maybe a drink I head home and get cozy no later than 10PM, when I hop in bed and read a chapter or two of my latest pleasure read. Then bedtime!

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