Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In & Out

The art of success is planning.  I don't know if that's a universal truth, but it certainly holds true for me.

That's why each week I plan out my dinners and workouts

Breakfasts are usually the same; oatmeal or cereal. Lunch is also typical; leftovers, tuna, or Morningstar buffalo chik'n. 

I like to show you guys our "In & Out" planning because it keeps us accountable and it might help you find a system that keeps you on track with your fitness goals.  Or it's just fun to know what other people eat! :)
Why "In & Out"? It's the simple equation of weight loss.  Calories in vs. calories out.  What you eat vs. what you burn.  Burn more than you eat and you'll lose weight!
This morning I set out....very excited I might tackle 6 repeat 800's.  I've been fired up to run ever since my half marathon and my body has NOT been on the same page.

Last weekend I had a pain on the outside of my knee.  Many of my awesome Twitter friends said that it might be my IT band and to foam roll.  I've been a rolling fool, but the pain was still there today.  I eventually had to throw in the towel around repeat #3. There's no sense in hurting myself when I'm not even training for anything.
I plan to not run until next Monday and roll, roll, roll.

Someone on Twitter also asked the key to remembering to foam roll.  My answer:

Yup, my foam roller also doubles as a cat toy and living room decor.

What do you do when you & your body aren't on the same page? Push or pause?

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Love and IT haters,
Carissa & Kyle

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  1. I need a foam roller!! Ahhh! I have The Stick but I think I'd like a foam roller much better.

  2. I had IT band issues for 8 months, and have a post about foam rolling "friday favorites: foam rolling" and try to do it a few times a week now as preventative measures!

    1. Ohhh Thanks Heather! I'll have to check it out when I get back from the gym. Thanks!

  3. I'll pause if I have to pause, or just put it in "slow-motion"

    My foam roller is with my yoga mat - can't miss it! My hamstrings have been KILLING me lately!


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