Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday - What does it cost?

What does it cost for me to eat each day? Have you ever thought about that?  

This week for What I Ate Wednesday I thought I would take a look at what a typical day of eating costs me.  Fun? Let's go!


Minnie is not included in the breakfast cost.  She's priceless.

Kashi cereal + Chex + berries + Almond Milk
Kashi - $3 a box (with coupons) - 12 servings - 25 cents
Chex - $2 a box (with coupons) - 12 servings - 16 cents
Berries - $3 a pint - 5 servings - 60 cents
Almond milk - $2.50 (always buy on sale) - 10 servings - 25 cents

Snack #1
5.5oz Low Sodium v8 - $2.99 - 6 servings

Snack #2

Green Giant frozen "Healthy Weight" vegetables - $1.33

Snack #3
Apple - 5lb bag $3.99 - 10 servings - 40 cents

Dinner leftovers - baked chicken + spinach + sweet potato
Baked Chicken - 6oz - $2.99lb - $1.12
Sauteed organic spinach - $4 package - 1/8 package - 50 cents
Sweet potato - 98 cents/lb - 98 cents

Snack #4
GAT ProLein Shake with Water - 1 scoop
$32 for container - 30 servings (2 scoop serving)

Chicken salad

Chicken + spinach + red pepper + cucumber + avocado + tomato + homemade dressing
Sauteed chicken in coconut oil - 6oz - $2.99lb - $1.12
Spinach - $4 package - 1/4 package -$1
1/2 Avocado  - 98 cents whole -  49 cents
1/2 Cucumber - 50 cents whole - 25 cents 
1/2 Red pepper - $1.48 whole - 74 cents
1 roma tomato - 46 cents
Homemade dijon vinaigrette- pennies!  


That's pretty cool to look at an entire day of food cost.  I ate for an entire day and spent less than a typical lunch out would be.
Keep in mind that I am a big coupon girl and that I buy the same things every week so I'm very aware of price cycles. I'm also aware of when the price is at its lowest and I stock up.

Maybe healthy eating doesn't have to be as expensive as we think.

What is the most expensive food item you ate today?

Love and crunching numbers,
Carissa & Kyle

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  1. I seriously need to work on your coupon ways ... Great post!

  2. This was really interesting. Now I'm curious to check out a day of my typical eats! What a great idea.

  3. loved this post!!!!! so cool to break it down and see. you're amazing.

  4. Interesting post! I think it's always good to be aware of how much your food really costs.

  5. Loved this! I think I'll try doing this sometime too. :)
    The first picture with your bowl of cereal and your cat is the cutest thing!

  6. This was very interesting! I have just estimated that I spend about the same everyday but it would be cool to track it like this for a day!!

  7. Great post! Despite what people may think it doesn't have to be expensive to eat healthy especially if u plan properly. Very cute pic of your Kitty!

  8. Great example of anyone on any budget can eat healthy!!!

  9. What a great idea! I'm going to have to read your coupon posts -- I struggle with that :)

  10. LOVE this take on WIAW. So important to show how realistic healthy eating is.

  11. I am constantly amazed at how much food I can purchase for the same price as a nice dinner out at a restaurant...and usually I feel much better with the food I prep at home!

  12. Your cat is too cute! One of my cats (Chester) always does this! He always seems to show up when I have food and wants to dive in face first.

  13. Wow! I've never looked at my meals that way. It really helps for

  14. People don't get that you CAN eat healthy and it's not expensive :) glad you posted for people to see!

  15. I coupon a lot too and I love how you managed to save money on healthy foods with it. Just like people say eating healthy is expensive, a lot of people also say that coupons are only for junk food, which is not true. There are lots of coupons on Kashi products, frozen veggies, almond milk, etc. All of your food looks delish too even if your cat really wants that cereal :).


  16. This is a great thing to look at. I love it!

    Really though you can go even cheaper if you want. For example, boxed cereal (the quality kind at least) is certainly not the cheapest of breakfast food. There are times when I have oatmeal every day with different toppings (fruit, honey, etc) and it's FAR less than a dollar a day for that. Fruit as a snack is cheap too. I love working a healthy life on a budget and I garden too which also contributes.

    I spend less than $10 a day for two and a half of us! I never buy junk food and pretty much stick to the high quality stuff (organic when I can). If I had a higher food budget (some day when we're rich hehe), I'd go all organic but for now I'm doing the best I can! I feed my family of 3 on $60 a week. It takes effort people.

    1. Good idea on the oatmeal! That plus frozen fruit would be cheaper!

  17. great WIAW! My budget breaker is sparkling water. We have a SodaStream at home, but on the go I can't resist purchasing bottles of bubbly goodness - I guess its better than a daily Starbucks :)

  18. loved seeing this. i wonder i how much my meals cost.

  19. This is so cool, great idea!! That's a pretty inexpensive eating day. Thanks for the links to the coupon stuff, I'll have to check it out!

  20. I actually have to play devil's advocate here.... I have 3 kids, so with my husband and I, spending $9.68/person for the 5 of us would cost $1,452/month!!!

    1. You are right. I can imagine how that adds up! Kids (sometimes) eat less, but it would be hard to get all the fruits and veggies in. You could switch to oatmeal with frozen fruit or a banana for breakfast and swap brown rice for a sweet potato considering potassium would come from the banana.

      Thanks for bring another viewpoint in!

  21. I seriously do not want to even begin to think about what my daily food costs....although I probably should!

  22. I have not been very successful with coupons in the past - I just haven't generally found ones for items that I use. I definitely need to read up on some tips!

  23. Your cat is adorable!! Also this is such a great idea for a post!! I often wonder how cheap eating in is compared to eating out and now I know!! I want to try this with my food some day. I also like to shop with coupons and when things are on sale.

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