Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unexpected Time Off

I have a month of NO school!  
I should be in class right now.  Learning, toiling, memorizing...but I'm not! I'm blogging and watching the Food Network.  It's awesome!

Why the surprise sabbatical?

We had our first day of "Research Methods" yesterday.  We sat down and took our pre-test on the material as we always do.  Immediately once I got the test a light-bulb went off. "I already took this class," I thought.  And sure enough I did.  I took Communication Research Methods while at UCF getting my first degree. Since this class wasn't nutrition focused that credit counted, and I'm free as a bird for 3.6 weeks!  

I still have 1 work trip and 10 other days of events, but it will be a nice brain break.
So what to do with unexpected time off?

I have a few ideas:

1. Blog, blog, blog, and improve my blog.
2. Make 3 dinners using totally new recipes.
3. Get a library card and read a book.
4. Learn how to use QuickBooks.
5. Take a trip to Ikea.
6. Make Lindsay's Blueberry Scones.
7. Finish putting old photos in albums.
8. Do yoga.
9. Coupon like a mad woman.
10. Relax and de-stress!

What do you think?

If you have any recommendations for books or awesome dinner recipes let me know!
I also bought a Groupon yesterday for Bikram Yoga and I ordered Quickbooks off Amazon today so I'm on my way!

Last night I also tackled a 2 mile HIIT sprint session.  I'm running the Gasparilla Half Marathon on Sunday so I am tapering my running.
I did a 1 mile warm up and then 7 sets of 30 second sprints with 30 seconds recovery.  I covered 2.1 miles in about 18 minutes.

I also did my Day 1 of the Fit2Flex50 Challenge Week 2.  

And's harder this week!  Those ab leg circles are NO JOKE! So to those of you who are doing it and finding it's difficult DON'T GIVE UP!

Remember that change rarely comes without hard work!  Do as many ad circles as you can.  Separate them throughout the day to allow your body time to recover. If you simply can't do all 50 then do as many as you can and aim to increase that number the next day.

What is the last great book you read?

Love and leisure,
Carissa & Kyle