Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's Move with Michelle Obama

Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 American children are overweight or obese?

Or that if things don't change 1/3 of children born after 2000 will develop diabetes?

I'm shocked by that statistic.  The life-threatening diseases that those children are at risk for are no joke.  They're serious and sad for kids who should be enjoying a carefree life with a limitless future.
America is in an obesity crisis.
Two years ago our First Lady, Michelle Obama, picked up a torch and started the Let's Move campaign to inspire American's to raise a healthier generation of kids. 
This week she has been celebrating the anniversary of Let's Move and I had the chance to work  her at event in Orlando.
Why else would I be up at 330 on a Saturday morning and NOT heading to a race?
Because I care about America's health....that's why!
The event was at Disney's ESPN's Wide World of Sports.  In addition to the First Lady, we had several Disney Channel stars, fitness celebrities (Tony Horton, Tom Shaw), and athletes (James Blake, Ian Fuller) on hand to inspire a group of young Floridians to move!
The kids were served lunch and had a chance to visit with a healthy chef before we got them moving.
I was tasked to interview Tom Shaw (former New England Patriots strength and conditioning coach), Tony Horton (seen above), Ian Fuller (Orlando City Soccer player), and several other VIP's on hand.
The event included all the kids coming out onto the field and participating in multiple workout stations.  They learned tennis fundamentals, worked out with Tony, played soccer, and did some NFL style speed drills with Tom Shaw and the FRS team. In talking to the kids, I was surprised how many of them love soccer.  Maybe it's finally catching on in America?
When the First Lady came out it was exciting!
All the kids performed a dance they had just learned called the "Platypus Walk".  There's a cute video from You Tube of the dance - check it out! And yes, I've had that song stuck in my head since then!

Mrs. Obama also took time to play some of the games with the kids.  She played soccer and tennis with James Blake.
Even if you don't have kids please take this healthy message to heart! I encourage you to find 30 minutes to be active today! Walk, bike, run, lift, do chores, play catch in the yard....but get out there and be a part of the solution!

Love and moving mountains,
Carissa & Kyle


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    I love everything about this campaign.

  2. what a fun event!!!! i love her and all the work she's doing.

  3. HAHAH i looove the platypus dance video! Props to the First Lady for rockin that.

    This looks like a fantastic event! Congrats on contributing to the wonderful healthy cause.

  4. LOVE the Perry the Platypus video - that made my day! :-)
    Thanks so much for sharing - what an awesome job you have! :-)


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