Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kids Races and a Workout

How many of yor are runners, mommies, and have had your kid run in a kids race?

It's amazing.  Literally 100's of wee ones running their hearts out with HUGE smiles on their faces.  I look forward to the day when Kyle & I will have a little mop of blonde hair running towards us! (just not too soon...hold your horses!)

On Saturday morning the Tinker Bell Half Marathon kids races took place.  There was a mile race (which was won in 6 minutes), 400, 200, 100, and the diaper dash. 
I had a great time chilling with my bosses and enjoying the cuteness overload.
This week has been totally off my normal workout schedule.  Race recovery + travel = hot workout mess.  I got in a full body hotel workout.  The gym was pretty full so I stuck to the dumbbells.
After that Mom & I headed into California Adventure Park for some Disney fun before an early bed time.
Have you ever been the The Screamer roller coaster? 
Well it's made to look like an "old time" roller-coaster.  I thought it was wooden...except halfway through the ride I realized it wasn't.  Just about the same time the ride picture was taken. That, friends, is my thinking face!
If you were a kid again what Disney character would you dress up as?

Love and Cinderella,
Carissa & Kyle

Tinker Bell Half Recap:
Day 1
Neverland Family Fun Run 5k


  1. Great post! My daughter ran her first Mickey Mile in January and LOVED it! She was so proud to run a mile in 10:31!

  2. My daughter did her first race this summer at 2 years-old. She was smiling ear to ear and kept saying, "Look at me Mommy! I'm running in a big race!" It was priceless! I think I would be Minnie or Daisy...I dig their giant bows!

  3. I love your Action figure picture!!!! Your Thinking face is also precious...I never have much time to ponder while on a roller coaster!!!

  4. love the pics..what fun...and I fear roller coasters!


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