Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eat your vegetables!

I am enjoying a brief 10 7 day vacation from school and work.  It is heaven...although heaven would be laying on a beach in Mexico away from computers, dirty dishes, and bills and eating calorie free foods. That's heaven...this is a pleasant and welcome change of events.  School, (I'm getting a 2nd degree to become a registered dietitian), working, blogging, and being a wife is hard work!  I don't know how you mommies do it!

Since I'm off and Kyle has taken vacation time too we are going to be off our normal routine for a while and enjoying more treats and dinners out.

I went to the store today to pick up a few snacks...and stopped in the produce aisle...I stopped and thought.  It's going to be a few days before we really break out of our typical schedule.  But our house is void of veggies and did I want to spend money and things that might not get eaten?

Yes!  Yes, yes, yes!  If there's anything I've learned from my beginning nutrition classes it is the AMAZING importance of VEGETABLES!
Fruits and vegetables are so important to you body and how it functions. You need them on a daily basis.  Not only that, but the phytochemicals in these brightly colored nibbles can fight free radicals and help fight type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, aging, dementia, some types of cancer, and on and on and on.

Find a way to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet everyday.  Experiment with new foods and ways of cooking. Try organic.  Try them raw.  Just eat them!

I left Target today with spinach, snow peas, apples, and tomatoes.  Just enough to keep us healthy!

Even a V8 is a great veggie boost!  Try it!

How many servings of veggies are you eating a day?

Love and vitamins,
Carissa & Kyle

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday v6.0 - Emotional Eater

This WIAW eats could be described as "eating my emotions."  I know it's not healthy, but sometimes I do it!  According to Friends, as Rachel said to Monica, "It's just cookies. Not love." But sometimes it just feels good.

Why so emotional?  We found 2 dogs by a park on Sunday and have been trying to find them a home/foster ever since.  We can't stand the thought of them getting seperated or going to the pound.  We are making calls and doing the best we can....they are such good dogs and we can't give up on them.  If you are in Orlando please pass their picture around!
Kyle trying to help.
Here's a look at WIAW v 6.0.  Although emotional, I think I still ate pretty well because I planned ahead.

 Meal 1- Post Workout - Mango, Peach, Spinach, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie + coffee
Meal 2- 1 rice cake with PB.  Not pictured.  I usually eat more, but I was upset and thus not hungry.

Meal 3- Apple

Meal 3.5- I had to get my car fixed (oil change, tire rotation) so I ate some PB out of my jar.  They weren't PB Fingers (a la Julie) but PB Butter Knives.
Meal 4 - Leftover rotisserie chicken salad with bacon, tomato, blue cheese with a sweet potato. The sweet potato really helped keep me full.
Burnt some turkey bacon- whoops!
Meal 5 - Grapefruit

Meal 6- Crock Pot Salsa Chicken with homemade guacamole and mashed black beans

  • To make the chicken I put chunked onion and green pepper in the crock pot              along with salsa and the chicken. Cooked on high for 4 hours and shredded.

 Meal 7- Enter the emotions.  I was so overwhelmed from school and dog thoughts that I wanted brownie dough.  So I made it.  I used egg whites and applesauce to make it healthier.  Kyle had some brownies too once they were cooked.  I said to him, "Do you feel guilty?" And he said NO.  Neither did I.  Sometimes chocolate just feels right.
Warm brownies?  It doesn't get much better!

That's my Wednesday.  Today we are getting a new dining room table.  We haven't had a dining room table at all for 2 years so this is exciting! Fingers crossed it fits and looks nice.

Do you ever feed into emotional eating?

Love and brownies,
Carissa & Kyle

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Monday, August 1, 2011

I want thinner thighs!

I want thinner thighs!  Have you ever said that?  I sure have...or at least thought least once a entire life.
I can't tell you 100% how to thin your thighs. BUT I can give you some tips and point you towards some exercises which will tone your thighs by targeting the muscles that compose your outer glute and thigh.

I have always had a bad relationship with my thighs.  My family calls them "Grazel Thighs."  I come from a family notorious for big legs.  Great.
 I also did gymnastics 6 days a week for 8 years and sprinted in track.  That's a recipe for big thighs and killer hamstrings.  I got 'em baby!  They used to really bother me.  Like the time I went to several callbacks for a role on a show in Miami only to not get it and be told, "her thighs were too big." Talk about giving someone a complex.
That's the hotness.
I probably tell Kyle once a month to "thin my thighs".  To which he replies, "Do you want me to atrophy your muscles?" And I say yes.  So we modify my exercises for a week or so using less weight and more body weight movements with super-slow counts.

For those of you who think lifting weights with your legs makes your thighs bigger- IT DOESN'T!  Women don't have the hormone levels to pack on serious muscle.  Muscle is actually more compact than fat.  I've been strenght training with Kyle consistently for 3 years.    In 2008 my thigh was 24" and today it is 20 1/2".  I lift legs hard and heavier than 90% of women.  So don't be afraid of the weights.

Through weight training I have finally "made peace" with my thighs.  I realize it's hard for me to find jeans that fit. Loose in the waist, tight in the legs.  It's okay. Who needs to spend $150 on demin anyway.

Besides specific exercises how can you thin your thighs? I almost hate to say this, losing weight.  It is hard to spot-train.  Like doing 1000 situps won't give you abs unless your body fat is low enough to show abs.  However losing some "el bees" can go a long way to losing inches in your thighs and all over.  As well as giving you miles of self-confidence.

Here is a leg workout incorporate into your strength training routine for Suzanne Somers worthy thighs:
 Add one exercise or more to your current routine.  Or complete them as a workout and feel the burn.

- Single Leg/Split leg squat with dumbells- 2x12 each leg

-Single leg split squat with an exercise ball using a super-slow 5 second count on the way down - 2x12 each leg
5 second count on the way down
- Abductor machine- 2x15
- Jumping Jack squats with body weight- 2x30 seconds (Just like a jumping jack, but squat lower on the part when your legs are apart)

- Narrow leg press (keep your feet 4" apart) - 2x15
Put your feet closer than this.  This is just an example of leg press.
- Lateral lunge - step 2x12 each way
Starting position.
Step out and then back together.  Walking towards the left 12 steps then to the right.
*You can also precede this routine by pre-exhausting your quadriceps with leg extensions or your hamstrings with leg curl.  This will focus the above movements on your glutes and outer thighs.*

Good luck!  Remember that change takes time, but every second you're working in the gym you ARE getting STRONGER and LEANER!

Love and loving your body,
Carissa & Kyle