Monday, April 25, 2011

Get back on that healthy horse

We all know that old saying, "if you fall off the horse, get back on". Right? I personally have never fallen off a horse, therefore I cannot say whether or not I would get back on, but I think the same approach can be used for dieting and healthy eating.  

I used to be the queen of that "I'll start on Monday/tomorrow/2014" dieting mentality.  Are you familiar with it?  After a holiday or weekend of bad eating I'd pledge to do better on Monday and then use that excuse to eat even MORE up until Monday.  Yes- do you feel a pang of self realization?  We've all been there and it's an unsuccessful cycle.  

So here's what I pledge....when you fall off the proverbial diet "horse"...GET RIGHT BACK ON!  Make your next meal as healthy as possible and continue that trend for as long as you can.  We will all have cheat meals and special treats and it's important to have those things.  Hello Carissa and the Reese's egg yesterday...mmmmmm!  Special, special memories of that chocolaty egg! 

 Anyway...We had indulged for Easter so last night we had a very clean dinner as we planned our clean meals for our week ahead. The thing about it is that as you eat a healthy, clean meal you feel better.  Mentally and physically.  

So here's the time you eat something "less than healthy" don't beat yourself up.  Enjoy it and then go right back to your clean eating plan!  Get up on that healthy horse and "Giddy Up" into the sunset! 

For our rebound healthy dinner we had a very simple grilled chicken.  We topped it with a little goat cheese and some spicy arugula.  I dressed the arugula in a homemade vinaigrette of lemon juice, EVOO, fresh basil (from my garden), and honey.

Easter to me always comes with green bean casserole.  Love it!  So i bought all the ingredients to make it on Sunday night, however after my treats I decided that plain old steamed beanies were best.  BUT...I decided to top them with some almond slivers and a few french fried onions (I mean they were already in the house). And they were FAB!  It really did capture the feel of green bean casserole with way less calories and cooking.  Kyle even said they were good and he is NOT on team vegetable!

Green Beans Galore
I hope we've inspired you to clean up your next meal and keep getting healthy!
Love and green beans- 

Carissa & Kyle