Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is healthy living?

What is healthy living?  

My blogger friend Lindsey wrote a great post about that topic and I wanted to talk about it too for today's Thinking Tuesday post.  
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What does healthy living mean to you?
I think sometimes people, especially women, can fall into a trap of trying to be "healthy" only to be skinny.  Or thinking that skinny means healthy. To me healthy is so so so much more.

When I was younger I was "skinny" but I didn't feel healthy.  I was always tired and I had to drag myself to the gym to do a measly 30 minutes on the elliptical.  My bed time was 2am and I was lucky to be out of bed by noon. (I did go into work at 330pm so don't judge tooooo much)
When I ran my first half marathon I began to feel what healthy was.  I had a pride that came from something that I did simply for myself, because it felt good.
Muddy Buddy Atlanta
When I met Kyle and started seriously lifting weights, I felt what healthy was.  Healthy felt strong.  Healthy felt energetic.  Healthy felt empowering.
yup, that's a Christmas tree in the back
Then I started my journey to become a registered dietitian and learn the science of food. Then healthy became my passion.
Clean eating + being active = healthy

But that's just what it means to me.
It means clean dinners.
It means meal planning.
It means heavy weights.
It means long runs.
But it also means...
It means treating myself.
It means indulging.
It means living.

What does healthy living mean to you?

Love and loving yourself,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing :) I too was just 'skinny' for a long time. Once I started lifting weights and doing more, THAT'S when I started to understand what healthy living was to me. And I think indulging occasionally is an important part of healthy living :)

  2. Carissa, I know what you mean about being skinny does not equal healthy. I don't always feel healthy but becasue I'm skinny people think i must be. I feel much better when i eat right and get moving. thank you for this post.

  3. I think it is much more about how you feel. I have been exercising regularly for about a year and my body is different. I have always been thin but now I feel strong.

    Having a thyroid disorder, scared me into starting to listen to my body and thinking about what is best for it. If I happen to look cute in a pair of jeans after all the running and lifting, so be it. :)

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback! I liked writing this post! When I workout, when I run, when I'm active I notice that I have those negative "I'm fat" or "am I bigger than her" thoughts much less. I'm proud of the work I've done and it makes me accept me for me.

    Good points Dina about the jeans!

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