Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday v14.0 - Bean Explosion

Welcome to WIAW v 14.0. The WIAW of the bean explosion.

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And now onto the food I ate...
Soy milk, berries, oatmeal, chia seed, spinach, Pea protein smoothie
v8 low sodium
Sun Dried Tomato Tuna
Annie Chung's Wasabi Seaweed
(I got these from a VIP. More about that Friday)
Crock pot buffalo chicken quesadilla on a whole wheat tortilla with blue cheese
No beans - they exploded
So I compensated with Quaker rice cakes
1/2 cup Fiber 1 + raspberries + soy milk
Eaten pre-run with Grey's Anatomy
3 mile run - 8:54 pace! Woohoo! (I'm trying to get faster!)
Archer Farms chicken garlic & spinach sausage with caramelized onions
Roasted red potatoes
Spring Mix salad
Now the bean explosion.  Oh the bean explosion!
When I get home from school I am starving for lunch. I'm ravenous.  I'm also OCD so I clean up the kitchen, take care of my kitties, and then make lunch.  This only makes me hungrier and obviously a little off kilter.  I was crisping my quesadilla and microwaving some baked beans.  Took the beans out of the microwave - enter hand spasm - Beans fall to the floor. With an intense velocity sticky, hot baked beans fly all over my kitchen. No bueno.

Did you make any messes this Wednesday?

Love and the magical fruit,
Carissa & Kyle

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