Monday, August 1, 2011

I want thinner thighs!

I want thinner thighs!  Have you ever said that?  I sure have...or at least thought least once a entire life.
I can't tell you 100% how to thin your thighs. BUT I can give you some tips and point you towards some exercises which will tone your thighs by targeting the muscles that compose your outer glute and thigh.

I have always had a bad relationship with my thighs.  My family calls them "Grazel Thighs."  I come from a family notorious for big legs.  Great.
 I also did gymnastics 6 days a week for 8 years and sprinted in track.  That's a recipe for big thighs and killer hamstrings.  I got 'em baby!  They used to really bother me.  Like the time I went to several callbacks for a role on a show in Miami only to not get it and be told, "her thighs were too big." Talk about giving someone a complex.
That's the hotness.
I probably tell Kyle once a month to "thin my thighs".  To which he replies, "Do you want me to atrophy your muscles?" And I say yes.  So we modify my exercises for a week or so using less weight and more body weight movements with super-slow counts.

For those of you who think lifting weights with your legs makes your thighs bigger- IT DOESN'T!  Women don't have the hormone levels to pack on serious muscle.  Muscle is actually more compact than fat.  I've been strenght training with Kyle consistently for 3 years.    In 2008 my thigh was 24" and today it is 20 1/2".  I lift legs hard and heavier than 90% of women.  So don't be afraid of the weights.

Through weight training I have finally "made peace" with my thighs.  I realize it's hard for me to find jeans that fit. Loose in the waist, tight in the legs.  It's okay. Who needs to spend $150 on demin anyway.

Besides specific exercises how can you thin your thighs? I almost hate to say this, losing weight.  It is hard to spot-train.  Like doing 1000 situps won't give you abs unless your body fat is low enough to show abs.  However losing some "el bees" can go a long way to losing inches in your thighs and all over.  As well as giving you miles of self-confidence.

Here is a leg workout incorporate into your strength training routine for Suzanne Somers worthy thighs:
 Add one exercise or more to your current routine.  Or complete them as a workout and feel the burn.

- Single Leg/Split leg squat with dumbells- 2x12 each leg

-Single leg split squat with an exercise ball using a super-slow 5 second count on the way down - 2x12 each leg
5 second count on the way down
- Abductor machine- 2x15
- Jumping Jack squats with body weight- 2x30 seconds (Just like a jumping jack, but squat lower on the part when your legs are apart)

- Narrow leg press (keep your feet 4" apart) - 2x15
Put your feet closer than this.  This is just an example of leg press.
- Lateral lunge - step 2x12 each way
Starting position.
Step out and then back together.  Walking towards the left 12 steps then to the right.
*You can also precede this routine by pre-exhausting your quadriceps with leg extensions or your hamstrings with leg curl.  This will focus the above movements on your glutes and outer thighs.*

Good luck!  Remember that change takes time, but every second you're working in the gym you ARE getting STRONGER and LEANER!

Love and loving your body,
Carissa & Kyle


  1. I always said if I grew about 5 in. my legs would be perfect lol. Oh well, soccer and track will do that to a 5 ft nothing person lol loved this post.... Hate buying pants lol

  2. Love these photos and I'm happy that I do half of these suggestions already! I'll have to try the rest. I've had flabby inner thigh chub since I was 10. It's always been there even at my thinnest and I've hated it. I literally think the only way I'll ever be rid of it is if I get down to 100 lbs. or lipo it away. It also makes my squatty 5'4 bow leggey legs look that much shorter and fatter. Yay for me! Thanks for these helpful tips! And you're crazy, you have great legs!

  3. Hi! I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm terrible at coming up with toning routines, especially for my legs (I figure they get a good enough workout just from running, but in the back of my mind I know that's not always true!) I can't wait to try some of these moves out tonight :)

  4. Ahhh I am always saying how I wish my thighs were smaller but I'm finally realizing not to fear the weights and have begun working out my leg muscles. Thanks for the great exercises, I'll be incorporating them into my workout!

  5. Nice moves! I'm excited to try them. Thighs are always a pain... that frikken' jiggle that never goes away! The lateral lunge looks awesome!

  6. Thanks to all the readers who found us via PBFingers! Are there any other "trouble spots" you'd like to see workouts for?

    I think all women have that one area that they dislike the most...mine are my thighs but I'm thrilled weight training has toned them.

    But Alexis, imagine my legs at 5'4"...squish me down and I'd really be in trouble...snookie style!

    1. Kathy (Grammie) WorkmanJune 20, 2012 at 4:01 PM

      I'd like to see something to work on the bottom/backs of my arms. I call it the Grammie wave. When I go to wave it moves more than my hand does. Just not real sure what or how to target that part of my arms. Thanks.

  7. I have literally said those same exact things about my thighs over and over. same thing about jeans too! Also an ex-gymnast and track & fielder! My problems was they had so much muscle at one point, and then I really didn't work out much during college, and they lost all muscle and became mostly cellulite for a while. I've sort of been rebuilding them for the past few years. Some of those excercises I do, and some I cant wait to try! Thanks!!

  8. I think big thighs are sexy! They are powerful and womanly. They run in my family too. As long as I keep them toned and not too muscular, I love my big thighs!

  9. I started building my thighs about 2 years ago and went from 19” to 24” and looking foward to 28” or 30” thighs. I feel my thighs rubbing now , and love it, and I want them to have major rub when I walk. I cant wait to have thunder thighs, I think it so sexy.

    1. ha ha...NOT funny at all

  10. This post is a GOD SEND! Thank you for sharing. I'm the girl who has also had a leg complex most of my life.

    1. Girl I know how you feel! Run and don't be afraid to use heavy weight. They'll tone and not get bigger.

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